Neil Island is one of the pearls of the Andaman & Nicobar Archipelago. This pristine island, with a human population of 3000 or so, is almost untouched by human development. Therefore, while designing the resort Silver Sand Neil, we have taken great care towards preserving the natural ecosystem of the island. For example, the layout of the property has been designed in a very organic and fluid way, in order to accommodate desired number of cottages with minimum need of clearing existing vegetation. For each plant that had to be removed, many more have been planted to create a beautiful and lushes landscape.

It has also been our effort to use and apply materials and processes that are ecological and sustainable. For example, we have used local waste wood pieces from local saw mills in Neil and Port Blair, to create beautiful wooden murals that adorns the walls and ceilings of the cottages in this resort. We have also used materials like coir and palm leaf to create shades, pergolas and hand woven lamps, throughout the property.

The architecture of the cottages and restaurant/bar are inspired by traditional Nicobari huts of Kondul and Jarawa tribes, adorned with hand painted tribal paintings on the outside and equipped with all modern amenities required or a comfortable stay.

It has been our effort to celebrate the local culture and history of this group of islands by using them as our reference for various elements of our interiors, such as the colour palette, furniture, products, graphics and installations. For example, the doors, windows and furniture of the cottages and restaurant/bar are inspired by a deconstructed fishing boat, commonly seen at the white sandy beaches of Neil Island. Similarly, the oar ensemble bead back is a poetic representation of this common sight from the beautiful beaches of Neil.