Please note that Neil Island is a remote destination with limited medical facilities in case of any emergency, we request all guest to inform us of any major medical ailment which may need special treatments or any food allergy’s so that we can inform the resort accordingly. All guests are requested to carry a stock of emergency medicines in relation to the above.

There are Ferries that ply between Port Blair and Neil on a daily basis. Please note you cannot travel to Neil Island or depart from Neil Island on the same of your flight. You have to have your first night & last night stay at Port Blair.

Travelers can choose between the slower, cheaper government ferry and the faster, more expensive new catamaran depending on their arrival time in Port Blair as well as their budget. Please note however that getting tickets on the ferry can be very hard and tiresome with long queues. Depending on the rush it can be extremely hard and even impossible to procure tickets last minute and hence advance booking is always suggested. You will need to keep sufficient time to get the appropriate ferry. Please note that boarding stops 30 minutes before sailing.